Patricia holding the three cards she designed for "TAROT OF THE OLD PATH" (1990) by the artist Sylvia Gansford. The three major arcana cards being "The Sun," "Judgement," and "The World." In accordance with the theology of the Old Religion, however, "Judgement" was changed to "Karma."

The universal law of karma acts on both inner and outer levels of existence and implies reincarnation and so the card "Karma" portrays states of being on the Inner Planes which link with the soul's evolutionary progress.

"The Tarot," a poem by Patricia is featured in the book "TAROT OF THE OLD PATH " by Howard Rodway which accompanies the cards.

Photo by Ian Lilleyman
The Rite of Capricornus

by Patricia Crowther

Poetry by: Patricia Crowther, Leon and Jeanne Dickens,
and Peter Burford-Wood
Audio edited by Al Bassetti

The Zodiac Experience by Patricia Crowther
is published by Capall Bann Publishing (UK).

N.B. This and the following 2 rites are old recordings
which cannot be changed, so please excuse any
slight technical imperfections.
Capricornus Rite


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