"Crowning the Sword" is the exoteric expression of one of the inner rites given to Patricia by the Scottish H.Ps., Jean MacDonald. Jean came from Inverness and said that her family coven had existed since at least the 17th century.
It is interesting to note that Joan of Arc incorporated "The Crowned Sword" on her personal banner.

Photo by Gwion

The Rite of Libra

by Patricia Crowther

Poetry by: Patricia Crowther, Leon and Jeanne Dickens,
and Peter Burford-Wood
Audio edited by Al Bassetti

The Zodiac Experience by Patricia Crowther
is published by Capall Bann Publishing (UK).

N.B. This and the following 5 rites are old recordings
which cannot be changed, so please excuse any
slight technical imperfections.
Libra Rite.


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