Patricia (right) and Doreen Valiente toasting the Old Gods at Doreen's home in Brighton.

Photograph taken for WITCHCRAFT, The Sixth Sense-- and Us by Justine Glass. (Published in the UK in hardcover by Neville Spearman in 1965, and also published in paperback in the USA as Witchcraft, the Sixth Sense.)

The Rite of Sagittarius

by Patricia Crowther

Poetry by: Patricia Crowther, Leon and Jeanne Dickens,
and Peter Burford-Wood
Audio edited by Al Bassetti

The Zodiac Experience by Patricia Crowther
is published by Capall Bann Publishing (UK).

N.B. This and the following 3 rites are old recordings
which cannot be changed, so please excuse any
slight technical imperfections.
Sagittarius Rite.


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