The Zodiac Experience

Initiation through the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

by Patricia Crowther

For the first time Crowther presents a unique method of self initiation by use of the "Girdle of Venus" -- the Zodiac. Employing her considerable knowledge of esoteric subjects, she has discovered the hidden meanings of the signs and reveals them for your edification;
(i.e., and reveals their link with the world of spirit. )

Instructions on how to use this method of self initiation are included in each exercise and precede the visualisations. Each of these amazing astral journeys contains a lesson to integrate into everyday life and reveals its link with the world of spirit. These copyrighted MP3 files are available to you to download now at no cost.

A new file was released monthly throughout 2012 and 2013.

The collection is now complete.

Poetry by: Patricia Crowther, Leon and Jeanne Dickens, and Peter Burford-Wood
Audio edited by Al Bassetti

The Zodiac Experience by Patricia Crowther is published by Capall Bann Publishing (UK).

Covensense In her latest book, Patricia Crowther explores some of the many questions she has been asked over almost 50 years as an initiate of the craft and a high priestess of the Great Goddess. What is a witch's ladder? Why is the left hand associated with the devil? and Is it true that only a young woman can become a high priestess? are just some of the questions addressed here. An acknowledged authority on witchcraft and magic, the author offers the reader the benefit of her considerable knowledge. There are sections on Magic Mirrors, the validity of self-initiation, how to protect oneself against ill-wishing, the Mansions of the Moon, talismans, the language of flowers, and a guide to running a successful coven. Laced with poetry, this book is an instructive and exciting addition to any occultist's library. Available from Amazon.

The Rite of
Aries Rite
The Rite of
Taurus Rite
The Rite of
Gemini Rite
The Rite of
Cancer Rite
The Rite of
Leo Rite
The Rite of
Virgo Rite
N.B. The following six rites are old recordings which cannot be changed, so please excuse any slight technical imperfections.
The Rite of
Libra Rite
The Rite of
Scorpio Rite
The Rite of
Sagittarius Rite
The Rite of
Capricorn Rite
The Rite of
Aquarius Rite
The Rite of
Pisces Rite


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